Are you Frustrated with Low Investment Returns

If you are Frustrated by GIC Rates of less than 1% and Market Volatility, then a GMWB may be right for you…

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Do you Feel like a Small Fish in a Big Bank Pond?

Why isn’t your Financial Advisor helping you understand a GMWB? Create a Guaranteed Pension in Retirement, no Low Rate of Returns, and with no Market Volatility…

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If you haven’t heard of a GMWB or a Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit, as of yet, then this is the site for you.


Do you Want Investment Growth Guarantees?


In a GMWB you are not only buying an investment, you are also Investing in your Peace of Mind. By offering powerful Growth and Income Guarantees to you, you can succeed no matter what the Investment Landscape looks like.  A GMWB can give you Certainty in an Uncertain World…


How a GMWB Works


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 Here are the Top Companies who Offer a GMWB Investment Solution

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We have compiled all the information from all the Companies who have one of these Valuable Investment Products available for Canadians,in one easy to use and convenient website.Once you have educated yourself on this Incredible Investment Solution, we have made it easy for you to connect with a real human being who is able to provide you with advice on this valuable coverage.Enjoy your visit to the website, and don’t forget to download your Free “Income Stability Report” advertised throughout this website.

How have your Investments performed against a GMWB since 2008?

If you had Invested $100,000 on June 6th 2008, here is how it would perform Against a GMWB up to January 1st 2015

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GMWB’s are available for your

  • RRSP
  • TFSA
  • GIC’s
  • LIRA’s
  • Non-Registered Accounts

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GMWB’s in the News

Create your Personal Pension Today

If you are Looking for a Personal Pension in Retirement, then a GMWB is the only way to do it here in Canada. Many Banks will offer you an Annuity in Retirement, but cannot Guarantee your Earnings in your Savings Years…

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