TransAmerica 5 for Life (discontinued)

TransAmerica 5 For Life

(Temporarily?) No Longer accepting new deposits…


General Info:

Income investments are vital to investment planning. The vast majority of investors require at least some of their portfolio in income products. Age, time horizon and personal circumstances are factors that will help you and your advisor to determine the type of investment you need. That’s why at Transamerica we offer a range of options as diverse as your needs. Whether you want to generate an income from your savings or balance your existing portfolio, Transamerica has the answer.

At a Glance Pro’s:

TransAmerica has been a normal player in the GMWB space, and has had some funds with good performance over the last 5 years.

At a Glance Con’s:

There is little opportunity to invest in pure equities in a TransAmerica product, and their conservative allowance may not suit all investors. In 2012 TransAmerica has stated it will no longer accept new deposits into its GMWB product.

Minimum Investment:



You are given a standard 75/100 Guarantee; 75% Principle Guarantee after 10 years; and a 100% Death Benefit Guarantee from Contract issue. Death Guarantee resets until the age of 81.

Annual Income Base Interest Rate Credited (or Market Value, whichever is higher):

up to 5% Income Base Guarantee until age 65.

Account Automatic Market Value Resets:

Every 3 Years, if the Market is higher, you receive the Market Value.

Guaranteed Minimum Income for Life:

From 5% of Account Value or Income Base Value, whichever is higher for Life, starting at age 65. The longer you wait, the greater the benefit up to 5.5%

MER Fee including Income for Life fee:

From 1.67% to 3.64% Depending on Fund

S & P Rating based upon Financial Stability and Strength:

Rating of BBB


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