Standard Life Ideal Income GLWB (discontinued)

Standard Life Ideal Income GLWB

Breaking News: Standard Life Ideal Income GLWB (Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit) will no longer accept new GLWB contracts, and limit the amount you may deposit to existing contracts effective April 16th 2012.



General Info:

In addition to its strengths in the accumulation phase, the Ideal Segregated Funds – Signature Series family offers an ideal solution for clients in the payout phase. Both the Ideal 75/100 and Ideal 100/100 Series help protect your capital while providing growth opportunities, while the Ideal Income Series offers the optimal protection against longevity risk: guaranteed lifetime income.

At a Glance Pro’s:

Standard Life has been a leader in Guaranteed Investments in Canada, since they have focused their business on investments in 2012, Standard has been a leader in both Life Annuities and GMWB products. They have the unique offer of a 100% maturity and a 100% Death Benefit Guarantee on their GMWB Product.

At a Glance Con’s:

If you are looking for some of the big brand name funds you see on TV you will not find them here. Standard Life has a very large basket of funds to invest in, so without the proper guidance you will be overwhelmed.

Minimum Investment:



You are given a standard 75/100 Guarantee; 75% Principle Guarantee after 10 years; and a 100% Death Benefit Guarantee from Contract issue. And as well a 100/100 product with additional fees.

Annual Income Base Interest Rate Credited (or Market Value, whichever is higher):

5% Income Base Guarantee or Market Value, whichever is higher.

Account Automatic Market Value Resets:

Every 3 years, if the Market is higher, you receive the Market Value, if 5% is better than market return, there is no need for a reset.

Guaranteed Minimum Income for Life:

5% of Account Value or Income Base Value, whichever is higher for Life, starting at age 65.

MER Fee including Income for Life fee:

From 1.7% to 4.2% Depending on Fund

S & P Rating based upon Financial Stability and Strength:

Rating of A+